Stone in the Bone

They said Mary Modesto was pregnant sometime in 1955, I think it was sometime around June, they being Dr. Heath and the nurse and an obstetrician who stops by from Glens Falls on a regular basis. Mary did not have a husband but we didn’t hold that against her, we being me and most of the people in town that I know. Unlike what a lot of people say, people in towns like ours can be pretty fair-minded, and we hold our judgment and we who are not without sin do not throw first stones, especially when we like you, and everybody likes Mary or at least there’s no reason not to. … Continue reading

The Driverless Car

“I refuse to turn at the hamburger place,” the car said.  “Red meat isn’t good for you.  Your cholesterol has reached a dangerous level.  Currently, it’s 310.  Your blood pressure is 150 over 95.”

“Okay,” Bill said.  “Then turn at the yogurt place.”

“I don’t think it’s low-fat yogurt.”

“Don’t think?”

“All right, I’m sure,” the car said.  “I just didn’t want to sound bossy.  The city’s about to close the place down.  It was an election campaign issue.”
… Continue reading