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A Fixional Guide

If your friend sent you here to read their work, we recommend Pay Per Story. This one-time pass allows you to access a single work on the site for as long as you would like and read it as many times as you want.

If you’re an avid reader and want to access an ever-expanding library of great fiction and poetry, consider Unlimited Access. Not only can you read everything on our site, buy you’ll receive personally-tailored reading recommendations and have access to a curated list of the best literature from around the web. Act now while the price is still discounted for our launch (and to reward you for reading this far, use code Fixional Promo for an extra 20% off)

Undecided? Try out the 20 Stories for $10. You get a taste for what we offer without the commitment and can upgrade at any time.


Why isn’t it free?

We don’t believe “free” really exists.

“Free” means that we’re forced to ask for donations or that we offer you advertisements, but we’re not looking for charity and aren’t interested in clickbait—we’re looking to create the modern canon of great literature, help readers find stories they’re interested in, and pay authors when people read their work.

We’re taking a stand against bad writing and author neglect and hope you will too.