Printing Access & Privileges

By Joseph S. Pete

Cheryl rushed into the library director’s office, and tried to catch her breath. She explained what she had seen, how the somewhat shady-looking man had been printing stacks of documents day after day, making her just slightly curious, and how she chanced to walk by one day while he was in the restroom and just happened to notice the entire stack of printouts was all insurance forms. It must be some type of forgery, some manner of insurance fraud, she concluded.

“Well, how can you be so sure?” Carole asked while shuffling through invoices from last month’s library association conference, barely glancing up.

“He printed the same insurance form out 100 times. Why would anyone need to do that? Anyone on the up-and-up I mean.”

“Well, everyone’s innocent until proven guilty,” Carole said, scrutinizing a receipt for a salmon entrée and idling wondering if an updated per diem policy was needed. “Maybe you should try to gather some more substantial evidence. Seems like nothing more than a hunch.”
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