Holy Man

Even though Lucid the Uncanny Dream Dog usually fetched me vibrant images to match her technicolor fur, this was a grayscale dream, a subdued, delicate Japanese watercolor…

Imagine a steel sky and a dark mountain. A wise hermit’s stone hovel perches on the scoured summit. The old man sits on a small boulder before a modest fire, huddling within his scratchy homespun robe.

A distraught maiden from the valley makes the perilous climb, weeping and stumbling (as maidens are required to do – don’t blame me, it was all Lucid’s idea), at last arriving at the hermitage scratched and dirty.

Now we learn that the hermit is a holy man, and the maiden is seeking absolution. She has sinned, broken one of the Top Ten laid down by the Great Spirit. And it’s not a normal sin either. It’s one of the Big Sins, something that changes a life forever, like coveting her sister’s boyfriend; and letting him covet her. Twice.
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