How to Disfigure a Body

By Calley Nelson

With the exception of the hand towels, Edith and Mark’s mom kept a neat house. Every Sunday, she’d crouch down and slide ratty bath towels around the just mopped wood floors, dewey and smelling of fresh pine. She’d scrape Mark’s salty and crusted remains from the corner behind the toilet with steel wool. Emptying the trash, she’d find the cigarette butts he tried burning us with wadded up in toilet paper.

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Calley Nelson

Calley Nelson / About Author

Calley Nelson is a Chicago-based writer and tarot reader focused on empowerment through story. Her fiction and journalism are published in Hypertext, Juxtaprose, Selfish, Chicagoist, Chicago Magazine and elsewhere. She is currently an acquisitions editor at Curbside Splendor Publishing. Follow her on twitter @calleynlsn.

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