Before Going to Sleep, Many of us Draw Up a Balance Sheet

By Sean Ennis

Today’s topic in group therapy is “dreams.” What Benny the Therapist intends is a discussion of our life in recovery without drugs and alcohol. But quickly the discussion turns to the ways we are haunted at night during sleep.

Marco R. dreams of being at a wedding, and trying to find a moment when no one would interrupt his time with the bartender. Sheila Y. dreams of being at a party filled with acrid crack smoke that no one else seems to notice. Wayne C. says in his dream he’s driving a car he can’t properly control, navigating backwards with no working brakes.

“NO,” Benny the Therapist says, “Your dreams. Like, your hopes for the future.”

An expert once said dreams are really just wish fulfillment. So Marco R. says, “To drink without consequence.” Sheila Y. says, “To find something I like nearly as much.” Wayne C. says, “Trade stocks again. Finally buy that boat.”
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